this is the poisonous one

dear lord, please make heaven a fun place

tale of tales, the path

We have accepted the fact that some people find our challenges too hard, or not challenging enough (in the sense of mentally stimulating or inspiring), because the very vocal hardcore minority of players, who have been with us from the beginning (proverbially speaking that is, because they tend to be mostly teenage boys), really enjoys the competitive element.

But this means that we are kind of stuck. On the one hand, we are stuck with stories about conflict and heroism that grew out of our juvenile gaming fantasies. And on the other, we are stuck with interaction designs that require victory, which actively prevent our audience from experiencing the immense virtual worlds and sophisticated characters we build -the production of which becomes ever more demanding in terms of effort, skill and money.

michaƫl samyn (tale of tales)

image: auriea harvey

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